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Home Loan Application Document Checklist: A Comprehensive Guide for Australian Home Loan Applications

When applying for a home loan in Australia, it’s crucial to gather all the necessary documents to streamline the application process. Lenders require specific documentation to assess your financial position, verify your identity, and evaluate your eligibility for a mortgage. This detailed home loan application document checklist will help you prepare all the required paperwork, ensuring a smooth and efficient application process tailored to the Australian mortgage market.

This is a comprehensive list of documents that may be required by lenders but it is important to note that every lender has different requirements and some lenders may not require all of these documents.

Home Loan Application Document Checklist


Proof of Identification:


  • Australian Passport or Australian Citizenship Certificate
  • Driver’s License or Proof of Age Card
  • Medicare Card or Health Care Card
  • Utility bills or other documents to confirm your residential address


Proof of Income:

For Salary/Wage Earners:


  • Last 2 Pay slips
  • Latest Income Statement (formerly known as a Payment Summary, Group Certificate and PAYG Summary)
  • Employment contract or letter from your employer confirming your job position and income


For Self-Employed Individuals:


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  • Financial statements (Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet) for the last two years, prepared by an accountant
  • Individual tax returns (Personal Income Tax Return) and ATO Notice of Assessment for the last two years
  • Business Activity Statements (BAS) for the last two years (if applicable)
  • Company, trust or partnership tax returns (if applicable)
  • Evidence of ongoing contracts or future income projections (if applicable)
  • Last 2 years Australian Tax Office Notice of Assessments


For Rental Income:


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  • Rental income statements or lease agreements for any investment properties
  • Property management statements or rental ledger from the property manager


For Other Income Sources:


  • Dividend statements or investment statements
  • Centrelink statements (pension, family tax benefit, etc.)

Proof of Savings and Assets:


  • Bank statements for the last three to six months, including transaction accounts, savings accounts, term deposits, and any other financial accounts
  • Statements for any existing loans, including home loans, personal loans, car loans, or credit cards
  • Documents to verify your assets, such as property ownership, shares, managed funds, or superannuation statements

Employment and Financial Stability:


  • Employment contracts or letters from your employer confirming your job position and income
  • Recent tax returns and ATO Notice of Assessment
  • Proof of any ongoing commitments (e.g., child support or maintenance payments)

Property Documentation:


  • Contract of Sale for the property you intend to purchase
  • Evidence of your deposit or funds available for the purchase (bank statements or term deposit certificates)
  • Council Rates Notice

Additional Documents:


  • Statutory declarations or gift letter for any financial gifts or funds contributed by family members
  • Divorce or separation documents (if applicable)
  • Superannuation Fund statements
  • Rental history or proof of previous mortgage repayments
  • Visa or residency documents (for non-Australian citizens or permanent residents)



Collating the documents listed in this home loan application document checklist is essential for a successful home loan application in Australia. Remember that requirements may vary between lenders, so it’s advisable to consult with your chosen lender or mortgage broker to ensure you have all the relevant documentation. By providing all the necessary documents, you can demonstrate your eligibility and financial stability, increasing your chances of securing a mortgage tailored to the Australian market.


Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered legal, financial, or professional advice. Consult with a qualified professional or mortgage broker for personalized guidance related to your specific circumstances.

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