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How To Improve Your Self-Managed Super Fund Performance

growing-your-investmentsHow To Improve Your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Performance

Mortgage World Australia has a considerable number of clients who invest in property through their Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF). The challenge every one of those clients faces is trying to make the most of their time to hit their goals over their retirement.

One of the most overlooked parts of SMSF property performance is the loans associated with the property. Traditionally this hasn’t been a high-demand market, nor has it been a particularly competitive one.

So it has made finding a better mortgage harder than it should be.

This hurts performance because aside from capital growth the difference between income and expenses is another source of return on investment.

The mortgage is the single largest expense on any investment property – even the ones in your SMSF.

Now There Are Serious Opportunities To Improve Your Fund’s Performance.

There has been quite a bit of movement in SMSF lending in the past few years since the Royal Commission.

With major banks scaling down their SMSF lending businesses, it has allowed other lenders an opportunity to win this business and with increased competition comes a better deal for the customer.

With increased competition, we can see a chance for many of our clients to make a dramatic improvement in the net performance of their SMSF by refinancing their SMSF investment loans. Especially if they haven’t been looked at over the last two-plus years.

This will apply to any SMSF investor, as well as any person who has not looked at their investment loans recently.

Any time you can take a few hours and make an improvement in the return on investment of your SMSF portfolio for years to come has to be a rock-solid investment in your retirement. Every dollar that you take out of the bank’s pocket and put into your pocket has to feel amazing. With compound interest and time you can create a real sliding doors moment.

If you’d like to see if we can improve the performance of your SMSF property portfolio by helping you to cut your mortgage costs to the bone then call 1300 661 211 or enquire online at and we will review your current loans in light of your property strategy and see what we can do to help you improve your SMSF’s return on investment.

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