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How to Keep Your Data Safe


The Latitude Data ‘Breach’ Definitely Left its Mark – so I want to lay down tips on How to Keep Your Data Safe.

The scale of having data stolen from 14M people on Latitude’s Data Breach is scary!

A hacking incident at Australian non-bank lender Latitude Financial affected a far greater number of individuals than initially disclosed. Nearly 8M Driver’s Licence was stolen.

It doesn’t feel nice at all. The worst part about it is the empty feeling of just not knowing what or how this information will be used in the future – when and how it will bite me on the bum. It’s also annoying – someone else’s mistake meant days of extra work for me because they didn’t do their job. Plus the stress. Plus. Plus. Plus.

Before this breach, I was more than a little lax about my cyber-security. Often doing no more than the bare minimum. I recycled passwords a little too much. That sort of thing.

Sometimes it takes a disaster for people to change. I’ve since cleaned up my act – I got some software that randomly generates really hard-to-hack passwords for each login and manages them for me – that way if one account is somehow compromised, it is only that account. I’ve set up 2-factor authentication on every login that has it.

If you’ve been hacked or are worried that your data has been stolen make sure you:

how-to-keep-your-data-safeMake them really strong and unique for each account. Don’t just do the bare minimum that the password evaluator tool says ‘Passw0rd%’ meets the 9 characters, 1 capital, 1 number, and one symbol minimum but it isn’t as secure as ‘8o9MAb0A*rWyL4ij*71YyVTR#c#w@3a6ZF’ – a service called Lastpass offers a secure place for your passwords and generates them for you.


how-to-keep-your-data-safeUse 2-factor authenticator apps like Google, Microsoft, and Lastpass. This ensures that upon logging in, as second layer of entry needs to be approved.



That means if your old number is stolen in a similar breach hackers can’t use that to build a shadow identity. Hackers can take advantage of this by making purchases, using it to fake their identities, and applying for things online just to name a few. 



Be very careful clicking links that are emailed/texted to you even from trusted sources – hackers are imitating them and phishing for more information



It will stop others from opening an account in your name – which is a key step to stealing your identity. You can place a ban on your report via the credit reporting agencies such as Equifax and Experian.



A good VPN provider provides another layer of data security when you are online. Some VPN providers counteract hacking and let you know when someone is accessing your data.


how-to-keep-your-data-safeI’ve seen a podcast where a hacker showed how he can set up a fake network for people to use. With this fake network, hackers can then access your phones, laptops, or any other devices connected to it. It acts like a remote service, those of the likes of remote desktop, Teamviewer, anydesk, and the like.

Cyber Security Is Very Important. Stay Vigilant.

While this isn’t advice in the strictest sense of the word – a friend of mine says ‘Customers vote with their wallet and it’s the only thing a company will listen to.’ A lot of businesses rely on their customers being lazy because changing banks or phone companies is hard. Move your business away from companies that get hacked – punish them for not doing their job in full and because of that forcing you to do extra work that you shouldn’t have had to do. Don’t give them money for a sub-standard product or service.

While I won’t pretend I’m a cyber-security expert – if you do have questions about your mortgage (which I am an expert in) get in touch on 1300 661 211 or enquire online at and I’ll get them answer

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